Why Self-Storage Units Make More Sense than Extending your House

Published on 1/18/2019
Are you losing rooms in your house finding space for all that stuff you have accumulated through the years? Old clothes you’re determined to slim your way into, boxes of toiletries stored for a rainy day, notes and gifts from past and present romances… they need to find a place right away.

Building an extension seems like a logical choice for accommodating that pile of belongings taking over your home. But stretching the footprint of your house entails costs and upheavals that may outweigh what you’re trying to achieve. Allocating a 10% buffer on any budget estimate and having work crews, noise and dust in your house six days a week can be very taxing. Why add onto your home when self-storage units can declutter your current house for a much lower price tag?

A self-storage facility can help you maximize the space in your home by hosting your items of useful or sentimental value until they are needed again. Sort through your possessions, box up those you don’t intend to sell or throw away, and rent storage units. Shifting your items to a storage unit facility can make your living space more spacious and organized, and make you feel more comfortable and happier at home.

What are other reasons self-storage is better than adding a house extension?

Easy Organization

Storage units really come in handy when organizing your home. You don’t have to stress where to place the old photo albums, family heirlooms and travel souvenirs you don’t need but want to keep. Just head to your storage unit and drop the things that are starting to pile up and prevent your house from being tidy we even have some units that give you access to the front and the back of the unit making this job easier for you. It’s a place for storing items you use once a year like holiday décor for wintertime and picking up what you need next like hiking gear for springtime. Making things move from house to self-storage offers you a fresh start and helps keep your life and home organized.

Time Efficiency

By utilizing a storage unit facility, you can manage time to your advantage. Too many items in your closets and drawers mean a lot of searching and prodding to find what you need. Instead of wasting your time looking for lost or misplaced items in the clutter of your home, use a storage unit to keep your many things in an organized manner. There’ll be less looking for a needle in your house-sized haystack. You have quick access to your stored belongings whenever needed and how often, and spend less time fitting them in your place.

Money Saver

You also don’t have to spend money needlessly on replacements for items lost in the clutter of your home. You can keep your possessions in a neat and systematic manner until they are needed. Another way storage units can help you save money is by allowing you to buy groceries in bulk which is oftentimes cheaper than buying in small quantities. Make your storage unit an alternative pantry for extra canned goods and paper products that you won’t need right away. You don’t have to say no anymore when you see a clearance sale on your favorite products.

All-Weather Protection

Does your basement storage flood a lot exposing your valuables to moisture? Is your attic too hot in the summer and too drafty in the winter to avoid damaging your belongings there? Storage units provide protection from the sun, rain and snow with its metal steel construction and weather-tight insulation. It ensures everything will be clean, dry and well protected no matter what the weather decides to do outside. Such protection can save you hundreds of dollars in damage costs brought by harsh weather conditions whether icy winters, scorching hot summers, torrential downpours or long droughts.

Round-the-clock Security

With CCTV and 24-hour security staff, you can leave your valuable items in your storage unit and know they will be protected while you are away. If you have a rare collection of coins and banknotes or even an antique car that needs safekeeping, a secure storage unit can safeguard your investment. You’ll have your own personal key to keep out unauthorized personnel. Employees of a secure storage unit facility are trained to prevent any kind of break-ins. They’ll take all necessary precautions to keep your belongings safe and secure until you are ready to retrieve them.

Climate-controlled environment

Do you have important documents or antique furniture that are sensitive to heat and cold? Climate-controlled self-storage units maintain the same temperature throughout the year so papers won’t become brittle or wood won’t warp from weather changes. Regardless of the weather outside, a set temperature is maintained with the use of central air conditioning and heat. Your delicate items are heated in the winter and cooled in the summer to protect against damaging effects. Your precious belongings will be treated right, even when they’re out of sight. A pleasant temperature also awaits you when you drop by to add, remove or organize your precious belongings.

Customized choices

Maybe you just need clothing storage for your seasonal outfits. Or you may need room for your fishing boat and jet ski during wintertime. No matter how big or small your items are, a self-storage facility can find a unit that fits your needs. There are small self-storage units that can accommodate holiday decorations, small kitchen appliances or seasonal wardrobe. A medium storage unit, on the other hand, is ideal for large appliances, sofas, bicycles or mattresses. Then there’s the large storage unit with the capacity to store cars, boats, motorcycles or farm equipment. Storage units come in a variety of sizes so you don’t have to pay for more than you need to.

So when you start to feel cramped with too many belongings and too little space in your home, a house extension may not be worth the money and trouble. A self-storage unit is a far more cost-effective option for all those extra stuff in your home until you find a more suitable place or use for them.