Does Your Two-Car Garage Have Room for Two Cars?

Published on 12/8/2019

If you are like many people, your garage may so full of stuff that you can’t fit your cars in it!


Cars are most families’ second largest investment. If your car is parked outside in the driveway, because you have too many things to store, you should consider getting a storage unit. Cars parked outside suffer from damage from the environment.


Weather damage can decrease the value of your car. Hail can damage a car by putting large dents in the metal. Sitting outside, your car is exposed to rain and snow, which can rust your car. High wind or tornadoes can stir up debris to damage your car or make it dirty. Even on calm days, the sun can cause the paint and clear-coat on the car to age quickly and the dashboard to warp and crack.


Sometimes your cars can squeeze into the garage but there is so much other stuff already in there that it may be difficult to get into or out of the car with scratching or denting the doors. Getting groceries out of the car in an overcrowded garage is more difficult than it should be. Some people pack the tools, bikes, lawnmowers, and other storage items along the sides of the garage so densely that it becomes difficult or impossible to reach them conveniently.


Protect your investment in your cars and move all of the other things stored in your garage to a self storage unit. This will free up your garage space to function as a place to safely park your cars, protecting them from damage. A well-organized self storage unit will not only protect your car, but it will provide enough extra space to organize your other equipment as well.


Now would be a great time to reserve a self-storage unit to protect your investment in your cars!