Once upon a time in Guthrie Oklahoma,

Published on 11/4/2018
Once upon a time in Guthrie Oklahoma, several years ago, some local Oklahoma boys had a dream to build a trailer park with nice big lots for the trailers that was in a country setting, yet close to town.  When the boys were done, they ended up with one four-acre piece that didn’t fit in their original plan.  So, they decided to make a storage facility for the people in the lovely neighborhoods nearby.  So, they found the best self storage facility contractor in Oklahoma, John.  He had built many self-storage facilities throughout Oklahoma, Missouri and other nearby states.  John took on the job and built a small but sturdy self storage facility, with storage units of all sizes with the latest in electronic access control systems and security cameras.  John finished the project on time, and it was a beautiful self storage facility with wide concrete driveways, top of the line roll-up doors, interior vapor barrier to prevent condensation, lights, and lots of room for outside RV parking.  So, John handed the keys to the little self-storage facility to the boys from Oklahoma, and they were happy.  But not really.  For alas, the boys from Oklahoma had never owned a self- storage facility.  Even though they told all the people that they knew about their self storage facility it was not nearly enough to fill up the unhappy little facility.  The boys from Oklahoma had their secretary who was a home rental specialist rent out the units from the self storage facility.  The home rental secretary struggled to keep up with the constantly changing tenants and wasn’t able to keep the facility full.  So, the boys from Oklahoma put the little facility up for sale.  Many people called about the facility and asked lots of questions about the contractor, the size of the units, the width of the driveways, the security systems, and they liked all the answers they got – until it came to how many units in the whole facility were full.  Finally, one day a man called and asked about the number of units, the size of the units, the access control systems, the RV parking.  He then came and looked at the little facility.  This man believed that if he could tell people about this little facility, that they would come store their things there because the prices were reasonable, and it was a good quality facility.  The man felt like the internet was a place that anybody could go and read about a nice facility like this one and then make the choice to drive an extra two miles to have newer, nicer storage units.  So, the man took the facility and gave it a new name, Guthrie Self Storage, to fit with his purpose; gave it a new website that was easier to navigate and lets customers rent units online.  The man took his very best storage unit manager, Sarah, to answer the phone and take care of the facility.  The man added pay-per-click SEO and Facebook and people began to come out to the little facility in Guthrie.  Occupancy has increased by 30% in one month and we expect it to fill up.  So, come get your units while the getting is good – or you will have to wait for the next phase in the spring.